n°487 -
December 2001
Prestige Audio Video
n°69 -
January 2002
Haute Fidélité
n°66 - march 2002
Revue du Son et du Home Cinéma
n°262 -
April 2002
Le Monde de la Musique
n°264 -
April 2002
Prestige Audio Video
n°80 -
February 2003
Revue du Son et du Home Cinéma
n°273 -
April 2003

"With a very good headphone, it overpass any amp-loudspeaker system in terms of transparency and definition"

"This amp gets the best from electrodynamics headphones and though respects the sources with outstanding neutrality"

"A pleasure product you may taste during many hours"

"The elaborate manufacturing is another strong point"

"One of the most limpid models in its category"

"An overwhelming little product clever with it's double function, but especially remarkable when you listen to it"

"The possibility to use it as a preamp is another strong point"